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Welcome to the 11th annual Norfolk Studio Tour
September 24th and 25th

The Artists
On the days of the tour, yellow signs will be posted near all of the studios.
Numbers on the maps correspond with the numbers beside the Artists names.

Studios will be open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. both days.


Melissa is a ceramic artist working with porcelain. Her recent work combines hand felted elements with wheel thrown porcelain forms to create unique art objects.

1795 Windham Road 11, Windham Centre
(519)909-9204    melissa@ragingbowlpottery.com

  DAN CARON - Sculptor

Dan is a sculptor working in wood, metal, and clay. Currently he is focusing on metal spinning. He is a graduate of Emily CarrUniversity in Vancouver.



Michael's compositions are alluring and intriguing. Thick,chipped, scratched and blistered layers of pigment create marvelous worn textures
which have splashes of resin, adding to their appeal.

75 Charlotteville Road 8, Silverhill ON


Sierra is a young artist who uses personal mythology in her encaustic paintings. At times the work seems austere and enigmatic.
At other times it becomes humorous and lyrical.


  RODGER BROWN - Iron Sculptor

A retired steel boat builder, Rodger now focuses his interest on the creation of life sized iron sculptures from bald eagle weather vanes to praying mantises.
He also carves wood decoys and birds.



Jonas' non-objective sculptures made from various materials such as glass, metal, simulated stone and wood, are to be found distributed around one hectare of landscaped grounds.

Regional Road 21, #1123
(519)875-2412     jonasstonkus@live.com

 JOHN WALKER - Painter

John is a visual artist working mostly with oils. He is offering a selection of paintings comprised of Norfolk scenes.


Working with oil on canvas, Ellen continues to paint the Norfolk countryside. Colour, texture and pattern reflect a vibrant union of figuration, abstraction and landscape. Her book ELIZABETH SIMCOE'S CANADIAN JOURNEY will be available.

52 McCall Street, Simcoe ON
(519)425-1253     lisgreen@sympatico.ca

  GARRY WALKER - Sculptor/Painter

Iconic rural landscapes and painted clay and mixed media sculpture are the focus of Garry's creations this year. Beautifully rendered, these pieces evoke familiarity and a sense of place.

137 Decou Road Simcoe ON
(519)426-3715     gwalkerdesign@gmail.com

  THELMA - Jewelers

Silver, semi-precious stones, uncut stones, cast silver items, handmade chain work, wool, fur, copper and pewter are incorporated into our line of Creative Adornments. This past year we experimented with "scarf-like" pieces and have also been casting natural objects in silver. Jewellery is an intriguing form of personal expression, both for us and the wearer.

  SHERRY LLOYD - Painter

Working with the rich texture of oils Sherry enjoys using vibrant colours on textured and smooth canvases to reflect the landscapes of Norfolk County.

1499 McDowell Road East, Simcoe ON
(519)426-7746     slloyd@kwic.com

 JEN LADOS - Painter

Jen has an intense passion for vibrant colours and pop culture. She takes inspiration from nature and from media artists past and present. Experimentation with acrylic, oil and other materials combined with her interest in colour and textures enrich her work.

(519)582-4156     jenlados@hotmail.com

 VERA CLINE-HAYES - Pen and ink Artist

Working with pen and ink, Vera creates intricate designs using textured papers, fabrics and gemstones to to combine a unique blending of balance and symmetry.

(519)443-8814    vera@boardnbatten.com


Robert is an award winning sculptor who has exhibited internationally. Robert received his Masters Degree in 2001 and is currently an artist in residence at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. Robert continues to draw the majority of his inspiration from his Mohawk heritage.

278 Talbot Street North, Simcoe ON
(519)428-9863    robert@pipeandpunty.com

  MIIA VIRTASALMI - Glass Artist

Vivid colours, polka dots, stripes and checkerboard patterns inspire Miia to create her unique glass art. A native of Finland, Miia is currently a resident glass artist at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga She has exhibited her art in multiple international exhibitions.

(519)428-9863    miia@pipeandpunty.com

  MARGUERITE LARMAND - Installation Artist

Larmand uses art-making to make visual her relatedness to place. This year's tour features ceramic garden platters for butterflies, bees and other beneficials plus tea bowls for our own use,
and a variety of other vessels.

Fieldstone Studio
112 Evergreen Hill Road, Simcoe
(519)426-7010    marguerite@margueritelarmand.ca

  KIT JULIAN - Mixed Media Artist

Kit embellishes textiles, paper and 'objets d'art' which she houses in small shadow boxes.

212 Lynn Valley Road, Simcoe ON
(519)426-6406     rkjuli@sympatico.ca

  RON BEZZO - Wood Turne

Ron Bezzo is a self-taught wood turner who turns both functional and artistic wooden bowls. Burls are a favourite, especially cherry and maple

1688 Charlotteville Road 5, Vittoria ON
(519)426-0505    ronmarbez@sympatico.ca

  LARRY MONCZKA - Photographer

Larry considers himself an "expressive" photographer, who is more interested in form and feeling than in documentation. He especially enjoys communicating the subtle beauty of Norfolk County.

29 King Street, Port Ryerse ON
(519)426-5805    raraavis.pix@gmail.com

  KATHLEEN PICKARD - Photographer

Kathy believes Ansel Adams when he says "You don't take a photograph; you make it". For her, exercising creative control from camera to
'pigment on paper' print is a great challenge and a greater pleasure.

(519)426-5805    raraavis.pix@gmail.com

  INGRID ZYMA-IRVIN - Stained Glass Artist

Ingrid has been creating stained glass for 25 years and fusing glass for 2 years. She takes great pleasure in mixing bright colours and combining texture, shape and beach glass to create her unique work.

(519)428-0695     portryerse@gmail.com

  HARLEY SNIVELY - Folk Artist

To take a glimpse inside this local artist studio is to catch sight of a secret world where St. Francis of Assisi hangs out with flamingos, birds sleep in castles and mermaids speak prophecies.

584 Highway 6, Port Dover ON
(519)583-0902    silverlakestudio@yahoo.com


Michelle's intensity and spontaneity are revealed in her new work as she renews familiar composition by reactive efforts with colour and paint. Explore her energy in shifting, dragging, and manipulating vibrant acrylics on canvas.



"Heart, hand, clay, and fire". Exploring primitive firing methods Anne creates unique decorative porcelain pottery with incredibly rich and vibrant surfaces.

(519)443-5966    anne@brickworkspottery.com

  BRUCE "HOUSE" MILNER - Mixed Media Artist

Woodburning and low relief carving on board give Bruce's acrylic paintings a wonderful texture and dimension. Bruce has shifted inland to offer a firsthand look at life past and present in rural Norfolk. His new CD will also be available for sale. It is called "House on the North Shore"

886 St. John Road East, Port Dover ON
(519)583-2895     houseliz48@hotmail.com

  LIZ BARRETT-MILNER - Visual Artist

Liz has taken her oil stick painting in a new direction.Vibrant, dancing, floating images unfold in a regional narrative which is steeped in a rich oral and written history. Copies of Harry Barrett's new book, THE NATURE OF NORFOLK, illustrated by Liz will also be available

(519)583-2895     houseliz48@hotmail.com


Lesley creates colourful, utilitarian, maiolica style pottery which become her canvas for exuberant bird, flower, and fish images. Maiolica is a painter's pottery which when fired has a lively, unique appearance.
10 Briarlea Crescent, Port Dover ON


Susan is a painter who uses the vibrant colour of oils while adding texture with a palette knife. Her vibrant watercolours entice the imagination to explore.

(519)586-9762    sueben@yahoo.ca

  MERIANNE FESS- Glass Artist

With a love of glass and using a variety of techniques, Merianne creates beautiful one of a kind pieces of jewelry and decor. Her individually made glass beads are highlighted with her newly acquired skill of metalsmithing

4 Clifford Street, Port Dover ON
(519)583-2767     justdreams_7@hotmail.com


Florence has successfully adopted this traditional art form, utilizing new and gently recycled wool fabrics and her own original patterns. Her popular hooked rugs and table-mats are both eye-catching and functional.



Joanne's functional pottery has a new look. Using lots of slip for texture, the pots are enhanced with a red iron oxide or creamy white glaze.

33 Willowdale Crescent, Port Dover ON
(519)583-1101     munzpete@sympatico.ca

  CAROLYN MUIR - Jewellery Artist

In her studio, Carolyn makes beautiful flameworked glass beads which are combined with crystal, semiprecious stones and sterling silver to create unique jewellery works.

(519)443-8783    ctmuir@kwic.com


Carol uses a wide variety of techniques and materials to create her skillfully executed paintings which also reflect her interest and flair for colour.



Trevor is a cabinet maker by trade. Making use of discarded material and Carolinian lumber, his original designs become organic, accessible works. Let imperfections become details.

1081 Decou Road, Port Dover ON
(519)428-1220     darbishirecabinets@gmail.com


Joseph has worked with porcelain since 1979. Using local materials for his glazes and firing in a wood kiln, he specializes in functional and decorative pottery.

1064 Cockshutt Road, Simcoe ON
(519)426-6650     panaccipottery@gmail.com