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Welcome to the 12th annual Norfolk Studio Tour
September 22nd and 23rd

The Artists
On the days of the tour, yellow signs will be posted near all of the studios.
Numbers on the maps correspond with the numbers beside the Artists names.

Studios will be open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. both days.


Melissa is a ceramic artist working with porcelain. Her current work combines hand felted elements with wheel thrown porcelain forms to create unique pieces of functional art.

1795 Windham Road 11, Windham Centre ON

 SUSAN BENNET - painter

Susan is a pinter who uses the vibrant colour of oils while adding texture with a palette knife. Her watercolours entice the imagination to explore.

1671 Highway 59, Port Rowan, ON

  MICHAEL BARBER - painter

Michael's compositions are alluring and intriguing. Thick, chipped, scratched and blistered layers of pigment create marvelous worn textures which have splashes of resin, adding to their appeal.

75 Charlotteville Road 8, Silverhill, ON

  SIERRA BARBER - painter

Sierra is a young artist who uses personal mythology in her encaustic paintings. At times the work seems austere and enigmatic. At other times it becomes humorous and lyrical.


 PAMELA KINNEY - silversmith

Pamela is a silversmith who also works in gold. She creates unique, custom works often incorporating personal stories and elements of nature into each design. She uses the technique of "raising" to fabricate 3D artistic and functional silver hollowware goblets and bowls.

176 Town Line, St. Williams, ON

  JONAS STONKUS - sculptor

Jonas' non-objective sculptures made from various materials such as glass, metal, simulated stone and wood, are to be found distributed around one hectare of landscaped grounds.

Regional Rd. 21, #1123

 JOHN WALKER - painter

John is a visual artist working mostly with oils. He is offering a selection of paintings comprised of Norfolk Scenes.



Working with oil on canvas, Ellen depicts the Norfolk countryside. Colour, texture and pattern reflect a vibrant union of figuration, abstraction, and landscape. Her book, ELIZABETH SIMCOE'S CANADIAN JOURNEY will be available.

52 McCall St., Simcoe, ON

  GARRY WALKER - sculptor/painter

Iconic rural landscapes and painted clay and mixed media sculpture are the focus of Garry's creations this year. Beautifully rendered, these pieces evoke familiarity and a sense of place.

127 Decou Rd., Simcoe, ON

  SHERRY LLOYD - painter

Sherry captures her love of nature and light in her use of oil, acrylic, gold leaf, resin and encaustic wax. Smooth or textured surfaces are enhanced with vivid colour presented in an abstract inpressionist style.

1499 McDowell Road East, Simcoe, ON

  JEN LADOS - painter

Jen's work derives from an eagerness to experiment. Her passion for vibrant colour, her interest in popular culture, in nature, and in artists both past and present inform her art. She captures images such as everday ojbects, and landscape using both oil and acrylic paint, as well as textured media such as cardboard and fabric. Her multi-layered canvasses are both humorous and playfull.

99 Croton Ave, Delhi, ON

  VERA CLINE-HAYES - pen and ink artist

Working with pen and ink, Vera creates intricate designs using textured papers, fabrics and gemstones to combine a unique blending of balance and symmetry.


  MIIA VIRTASALMI - glass artist

Vivid colours, polka dots, stripes and checker-board patterns inspire Miia to create her unique glass art. A native of Finland, Miia is currently a resident glass artist at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. She has exhibited her art in multiple international exhibitons.

278 Talbot Street, Simcoe

  KIT JULIAN - mixed media artist

Kit embellishes textiles, paper, and 'objets d'art' which she houses in small shadow boxes.

212 Lynn Valley Rd., Simcoe, ON

  KATHRYN HOGG - painter

Coming from many years of working with sculpture, my painting medium is influenced by volume and mass. With painting, I'm intrigued that I can flatten out objects and reject deep space. I'm interested in symbolic colour and spatial relationships that can become the descriptive force to compose narratives.

31 Temperace St. East, Waterford, ON

 RON BEZZO - wood turner

Ron's wood turnings are both functional and artistic. He uses salvaged, local wood such as cherry and maple with unique features such as burls. Having worked with wood for forty eight years, each pieces is truly "one of a kind". His exceptionally fine finishes are an added bonus.

1688 Charlotteville Rd. 5, Vittoria, ON

 LARRY MONCZKA - photographer

Larry has had numerous articles and photographs published (including covers) in Photo Life, Shutterbug and the Photographic Society of America Magazine. Larry currently writes about photography for the website www.ultimate-photo-tips.com.

29 King Street, Port Ryerse, ON

  KATHLEEN PICKARD - photographer

Kathy believes Ansel Adams when he says, "You don't take a photograph, you make it". For her, exercising creative control from camera to 'pigment on paper' print is a great challenge and a greater pleasure.

29 King Street, Port Ryerse, ON

  INGRID ZYMA-IRVIN - stained glass artist

Just as location shapes the individual, so it shapes the art created. I enjoy the bright colours of the blue sky of New Mexico or the lush green leaves of Port Ryerse. Each piece is unique, made with the copper foil technique of stained glass, or fused and shaped in my kiln. I create bright and happy pieces to share and enjoy.

16 Commercial Road, RR3, Simcoe

 HARLEY SNIVELY - folk artist

To take a glimpse inside this local artist studio is to catch sight of a secret world where St. Francis of Assissi hangs out with flamingos, birds sleep in castles and mermaids speak prophecies.

584 Hwy 6, Port Dover, ON


Both intensity and spontaneity are revealed in Michelle's new work as she renews familiar compositions with colour and paint. She continues her journey of exploration using acrylic and mixed media.

423 Woodley Road, Waterford, ON

  CAROLYN MUIR - jewellery artist

In her studio, Carolyn makes beautiful flame worked glass beads which are combined with crystal, semiprecious stones and sterling silver to create unique jewellery works.

984 Concession 11, Waterford, oN
Dragonfly Glass Studio


Anne has a passion for creating with clay. This year she will be showing her popular, functional pottery as well as her primitively fired art pieces. A wide selection of serving pieces and kitchenware will be available in a variety of decorative patteryns.

984 Concession 11 Waterford, ON

  ANDA KETT - painter

Anda's acrylic paintings cover a variety of subjects, but it is her passion for horses which has attracetd many admirers. Her attention to detail and the ability to capture the essence and personality of the image has delighted many. She accepts commissions.

887 Windham Road 13, Simcoe, ON

  JOANNE MUNZAR - potter

"Art to wear" is Joanne's goal in her use of semi-precious stones, stunning glass beads, and hand-textured silver wire to create delightful, dramatic jewelry. Her pottery collection of functional tableware enhanced with vibrant colour, is available again this year. These are works one can use and enjoy everyday.

33 Willowdale Cres., Port Dover, ON

  CAROL GERRETT - painter

Carol uses a wide variety of techniques and materials to create her skillfully executed painting which also reflect her interest and flair for colour.

30 Porspect St. Port Dover, ON

  TREVOR DARBISHIRE - cabinet maker

Trevor, a cabinet-maker by trade, uses discarded material (sometimes exotic) and Carolinian lumber, to create his new designs. In his hands they become both organic and natural. "Let imperfections become details," he says.

1081 Decou Road, Port Dover, ON

  MEGAN LUMLEY - painter

Megan's skillful, acrylic renderings, with their light and shadow, beauty and sorrow, have a remarkable intensity. Her paintings explore the places where the natural and human worlds meet leaving the viewer with a sense of mystery.

7 First Ave, Port Dover, ON


Joseph has worked with porcelain since 1979. Using local materials for his glazes and firing in a wood kiln, he specializes in functional and decorative pottery.

1064 Cockshutt road, Simcoe, ON

  ARJAN LAMERS - painter

Arjan is a visual artist who offers the best of both worlds from his rustic barn studio located in Simcoe. He presents creative paintings in his unusual environment where he has been busy producing work for over a decade.

202 Victoria Street, Simcoe, ON

  KIM LE MARE - soaps

Using oil, clay, charcoal, and earth pigments, Kim creates cold-processed soaps reflective of natural landscape and changing seasons. Form meets function in these soaps made with underground spring water sourced at her studio and blended with organic and essential oils, botanicals, and natural pigments, that have healing properties.

954 Concession 12, Waterford, ON

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